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Monday 3 December 2012 by Costers Erik

Our philosophy is to work with partners having extensive experience in their fields to ensure top quality teaching and professionalism in implementation of services. Our customers range from Governments and local authorities, interest organisations, SME’s, CSO’s to corporate clients, and we tailor our services to the specific needs of each client.

Our areas of expertise cover advanced European integration policy making, EU sector policies and modern public management, including Project Cycle Management and eGovernment. As part of our European integration programmes, we offer in-depth training in: EU Regional policy, EU Health policy, EU Environmental policy, EU ICT policy, EU Transport policy, EU policies in the field of education, media, telecommunication, internal market, competition and tax legislation. We provide expertise also on EU defence policy, CFSP, Climate change, Justice Home Affairs, EU – US relations and EU relations with WEU and NATO and European Economic Area.

Our vision is to contribute to a country’s development and reform strategies, strengthening the capacities of public administration, managers and politicians to cope with numerous requirements arising from the European integration process and globalised economy. We believe that well trained and skilled staff is key for successful implementation of policies and achievement of development and modernisation objectives.